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Museo Soumaya, New Mexico Architecture, Architect, Image Mexican Architecture – design by FREE | Fernando Romero Enterpris E9 6 May & Design: FREE | Fernando Romero Enterpris ECompletion of Museo Soumaya MEXICO CITY – Designed by FREE | Fernando Romero Enterpris E, Museo Soumaya opened to the public on March 29, 2011 after four years of development.The Museo Soumaya houses one of the most important art collections in Latin America with over 6,200 artworks and 60,000 square feet of exhibition space.The commission consisted in fitting-out an office space including five identical desks, a common meeting room and shared facilities.

Our focus at e-architect is on contemporary interiors. Interiors : news key projects (this page) Contemporary Interiors : recent designs design profiles Interior Designs : A-J Architecture Interiors : K-Z Architectural News, chronological: Kit Digital Prague, Czech Republic – Design: 4a architekti The concept is a ‘pixeled thread of notions’ based on geographical locations as a matrix of events associated with digital content.Favelous 963, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Pop up restaurant – Design: Favelous, Architects What can you make out of 900 meters of split bamboo, 600 meters of black rope and 300 meters of damaged bicycle tires collected from the local stores?The Favelous team made a pop-up restaurant at Mediamatic Fabrique. Radiocarbon dates have been corrected based on current correlations between radiocarbon and tree ring dates. -------------------------------------------------- 13000 BC: Global; End of Ice Age About 15000 years ago the last age ended with temperatures raising several degrees C.We recognize that many scientists prefer to use "Before Present".(The accuracy of radiocarbon dating is affected by the atmosphere"s changing concentration of carbon 14, which may in turn be affected by climatic cycles. In other words, one should subtract 1380 from the radiocarbon date to determine the BC calendar date.) For an abbreviated chronological index click -------------------------------------------------- 100000 BC: Global; Last Ice Age Ice ages prevail for 90 percent of the time; At 150,000 BC emergence of Homo sapiens (possibly related to conditions during last interglacial? The last ice age beginning about 100,000 years ago. In the Near East, a corresponding northerly migration of mosoon rains, resulting in a kind of "Garden of Eden" in Jordan, Palestine, Mesopotamia.

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England & Company are a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisors and Registered Auditors.

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