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It was only by using the Display Name of the field that I could actually get any of the data to stick.I’m not sure if it was my particular mix of SP1, Site Content types, 64bit server, and the use of a Business Data column on the document library that was making it not work, but I simply had to use the display name, or else none of the data I set would stick (my column names had a mix of spaces and no spaces, and interestingly the column names with no spaces worked either way).In SP 2010, workflows have been made pretty obvious.In fact our custom Pages will not be visible to everyone if we don’t actually publish them and the only way to do that is to start the approval workflow. Ten days into development new requirements would come in and the spec would have to be re-visited and re-routed for approval.Unfortunately for v2 developers, all of the event handlers were "after the fact" handlers.You can't stop a user from performing an action with an event handler.

To view the previous state would be slightly messy.Unfortunately I was not able to find any online documentation about how to do this with code. Net reflector turned out to be the right way to go. Microsoft made a lot of the required functions internal, which means that we cannot access the functions from our own code. Step 2: Register Scheduling Events The item scheduling requires us to register 2 events. Scheduled Item Event Receiver); string assembly Name = scheduled Item Type. Full Name; //Get the eventreceivers SPEvent Receiver Definition Collection event Receivers = list. First we will retrieve the assembly and class information of the Scheduled Item Event Receiver and then we will create the 2 events. Event Receivers; //Register the updating event SPEvent Receiver Definition update Def = event Receivers. Name = “Item Updating Event Handler For Scheduling”; update Def.

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What if these documents were to require review and approval?

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