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This community is a public, non-profit community, and it's not sponsored anyway by LG. Was enjoying the LG 360's Street view integration, updated to R10510L and now can't transfer images via street view app for IOS. I tried all kings of things, but none of them worked. Then months later I noticed Chrome started displaying 360 video correctly again. I just use Firefox until it's fixed, but I like Chrome better because it's a bit faster. I even reinstalled Chrome to see if it was any kind of local problem Maby I'll have the same luck as you and it starts to work again eventually!The cam works flawlessly under the 360 app, but when Google Street View attempts to acquire a single image or continuous it just reports "unable to capture image. But now a full digital workflow allows for quick and easy fabrication of a bridge.All information is already available in the Sim Plant® planning so no extra preparations are needed.And like everyone else, I am also just a normal teenager. I didn’t think I have what it takes to be one; good looks, charisma, talents etc. The way I look at it, the hype isn’t really about me– it’s about the show being such an entertaining entity.I tell you, I am a completely sane person– though it may not seem like it at times– it just happened that I have this ridiculously side that I could not hide. Finally I feel like everything’s falling into place. Jesus Christ, thank You very much for giving me what I have always wanted.Making videos has been one of my favorite pastimes. As I have mentioned, I used to think that I will never ever ever ever ever eeever (be able to) get here.

Do invite other friends who are also users of the LG 360 Cam. If you start the LG360CAM in upward (horizontal) position and press the REC button (and wait 5 seconds), hold the stick like I do in the picture it will stabilize your video when walking or even standing still..can also hold on to the handle, lean the camera forward in front of you -and thanks to LG's built in leveler - the horizon will still be in level.

And making videos became and remained a simple leisure interest from that moment on. ) in the future and I hope to be able to keep up with the changes. Kapit lang Aldub Nation, magtatagpo din si Yaya at Alden!

And as you have heard on TV shows and read on different online articles, I am a Culinary Arts graduate from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. a lot of people have been questioning me why did I not pursue culinary track.

Joe Matulis said, “The classes were just like an Ocean Junior lifeguard program.” Joe Matulis taught Junior Lifeguards for 7 seasons while working for the City of San Clemente’s Lifeguard department.

Joe was impressed with the camp and was very happy to volunteer his time.

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Matuli artist were inspired by the Arc Project and have donated some pieces for the event.

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