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One of the toughest things about dating is slowly uncovering the secrets in our past that we may not be not proud of or personality traits that may not work well together.

It's not that I'm being compared to him-I don't even think I get that far.

If someone can't come to grips with a relationship's end, they will be unable to function in a new relationship. The white whale is the prize of the character Ahab, who lost his leg in a prior battle with the whale.

At the center of the book, is Ahab's burning desire for revenge.

“This baggage therefore affects your worldview and how you interact with people.

It can have extremely negative consequences on your ability to connect with people.” Ryan also points out that emotional baggage doesn’t just come from your romantic relationships.

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Luckily, HC talked to collegiettes and experts to find out more about the phenomenon! At its simplest, emotional baggage is the sum of all the negative experiences you’ve had in relationships (both romantic and otherwise) that you bring with you throughout life.

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