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Grupa nagrywała dema, jednak z czasem zespół rozpadł się.Mimo tego, Ciara była nadal zdeterminowana by osiągnąć swój cel i podpisać kontrakt jako autorka tekstów. I wrote this long, dark, freaky story about my great grandma acting sorta like a hooker. I also wrote about how usher is as ugly as a dirty pig. Usher always said tha he was gonna have the 2004 memorable album that year and that song I first heard it on the radio and I was like,damn! Then I heard it on the radio and started dancing to it and then finally I saw it on tv and I was like this Usher dude is really good.They use to tell me that Usher was famous b4 that album but I was still little and i was learning alot of my music so i didnt know but now I do.There were rumors that Piana died from his injuries -- but Chanel says that's just not true." I just want to be clear [Piana] is STILL ALIVE," Chanel says ...Ciara posted a sweet Instagram photo on Saturday starring both her children: her two-year-old son Future and the baby percolating in utero.The 31-year-old had slid into a tight black T-shirt that emphasized her bulging baby bump and featured a neckline that bared a faint trace of cleavage.

Though it's Ciara's first marriage, Wilson had previously been tethered in matrimony to Ashton Meem from 2012 until 2014. Wilson know both the due date and sex, but won't divulge either publicly, as he's told Extra in January.(a) It's not up to us to criticize his personal life.(b) He's a talented writer, even if it's all true..takes very personal situations and crafts them into legitimately good songs. [Intro: Usher] Yeah Yeah, yeah It’s home, we’re all right here, A time I like this You know I like this Ci Ci Usher baby [Verse 1: Ciara] I want it hot, I want it loud.Make it loud, make it loud Make it boom boom; m-m-make it boom boom The speakers loud, making rumble Turn this club into a jung – turn-turn this club into a jung T-turn this club into a jungle, jungle And everybody knows it’s on tonight Beat’s like it’s strong; it feels so right Feel like I’m alone here in a crowd, just me and my song [Bridge] Make it loud I love it loud, can you turn it up? Hey, hey, turn it so loud, you can raise the dead Hey, hey Brings them out of the grave [Hook: Ciara] Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, up, up Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, up, up Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, up, up Turn it up, up, up Turn it up, up, up [Verse 2: Usher] Usher baby Put it up, turn it up Let go, I know you want to I want to see you move it, move it Take it up, shake it up I can't help myself, I want you That-that booty on me, on me, me Oh, everybody know what’s on tonight The beats like it’s strong; it feels so right Feel like I’m alone here in this crowd Just me and my song [Bridge] [Hook: Usher & Ciara] [Breakdown:] [Ciara] I turn it up to the beat song I make it hot like a beat, y’all You see that booty she movin’?

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Russ posted himself and his wife in what seems to be in the back of a limo, while listening to Sade. Hit the flip to see the date night photo Ciara shared.

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