Protective factors against dating violence

The following pages provide information about family violence, the laws relating to family violence and the kind of help that is available to someone experiencing family violence.The following documents and hyperlinks should be of assistance to tribal court personnel, tribal law enforcement personnel, domestic violence victim service agency personnel, social services personnel, and others in handling domestic violence cases and issues.(3) The offender's fiancé or fiancée, or someone with whom the offender has, or previously had, an engagement or dating relationship, as defined in paragraph (10) of subdivision (f) of Section 243.(4) The mother or father of the offender's child.” The requirement that the victim suffer some kind of concrete physical injury distinguishes the crime of corporal injury on an intimate partner from the less-serious domestic violence offense of Penal Code 243(e)(1) PC domestic battery.This manual is specifically designed to give guidance to presenters of workshops, conference plenary sessions, and staff and community training by domestic violence and sexual assault advocates.

However, no court proceeding may be initiated or continued on behalf of an adult with disabilities over that adult's objection, unless such proceeding is approved by his or her legal guardian, if any.(5) "Exploitation" means the illegal, including tortious, use of a high-risk adult with disabilities or of the assets or resources of a high-risk adult with disabilities.

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(b) Subdivision (a) shall apply if the victim is or was one or more of the following: (1) The offender's spouse or former spouse.

(2) The offender's cohabitant or former cohabitant.

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Using a mixed method approach, this investigation sought to identify those practices that seem to be moving toward Native-specific promising practices, and to develop recommendations for further action in Indian country.

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