Dating a man who pays child support

[ Top of Page ]Can I get child support for my child?You should be able to get child support from your child's other parent if you have primary residential custody, in other words, if the child lives with you most of the time.[ Top of Page ]What if I was not married to the other parent?The 45-year-old man from Davenport, Iowa, separated from his wife in 1999 after a two-year relationship, but never formally divorced.“I was like, Oh, this is a mistake, I’ll just give them a call,” Vandusen told the Daily News, and called both the state’s Child Support Recovery Unit and his estranged wife to clear up the matter. I don’t need to be paying 18 years of child support for a child that’s not mine,” he said.In some states, if a man is the presumed father of the child, then he may be required to help support the child.A man may be assumed to be the child's father (unless either parent provides evidence otherwise to the court) based on the following circumstances: Is the father of my unborn baby responsible for medical bills?“I’m willing to do a paternity test to prove that I’m not the father.

But the question for you is, how are you experiencing this? Do you get along well with them or is there a lot of tension between you?

[ Top of Page ]When should I ask for child support? The court can only give you child support back to the date you first asked for it.[ Top of Page ]How do I ask for a child support order?

If you are involved in another family, juvenile, or Circuit Court case at this time about the child, you may ask the court for a child support order as part of your other case. A lawyer can help you get a support order, or help with past due support.

Even if you were not married to the other parent when the child was born, you can still ask for child support.

But if the other parent says he is not the child's father, the court will order a paternity test.

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Scarlet's Question: Is it true that the father of your unborn baby has to split the medical bills with you? Brette's Answer: You need to file a paternity/support case.

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  1. ’ This is just one aspect of our relationship – generally we are best friends, love and respect each other but when this kind of thing happens I wonder if I am settling for someone who obviously won’t/can’t give me what I need? However, where women are expected and allowed to have these emotions, men get punished for expressing them.