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Als Aljance onderscheiden we ons door kleinschaligheid en een unieke persoonlijke aanpak met persoonlijke begeleiding.

Als eigenaresse van het bureau heeft het voor u een groot voordeel dat ik zelf uit Oekraïne kom en al jaren in Nederland woon.

It ended on a dead-end access street in East Cleveland, near Heritage Middle School, where police claim Russell “violently rammed a police car and struck an officer,” Follmer said.

The chase continued for 25 minutes, reaching speeds of 120 miles-per-hour, before ending in the parking lot of Heritage Middle School.

Russell's family members held a news conference this afternoon and called for a federal investigation into the shooting.

Russell and Willims were killed after they led the police on a chase that began about p.m. A police official said two Cleveland officers heard a gunshot and believed it came from a 1979 Chevrolet Malibu that Russell owned. said he gave the car involved in the chase to his brother, and that it had a bad muffler - which could account for the sound.

The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America are bound by a special and old alliance dating back to 1777 when Morocco became the first country to formally recognize the newly independent United States.

In 1786, Morocco and the United States of America signed a Treaty of friendship that is still in force making it the longest-standing unbroken treaty in US history.

All three main protagonists had plans in place for the outbreak of war.

Dash camera video released to shows East Cleveland Police fired on the suspects for longer than 20 seconds.

The Black people killed by the police are Timothy Ray Russell, 43, of Maple Heights, who was driving, and Malissa Williams, 30, who was the passenger.

1777 – Morocco was the first country to formally recognize the United States.

1783 – The United States negotiated its first formal treaty of commerce and friendship with Morocco.

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