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But, as it happens, the first book by Wade—who teaches sociology at California’s Occidental College—addresses one of the most widely misunderstood concepts of the past few decades: The college hookup.Vilified, tsk-tsked, and blamed for everything from the death of chivalry to the epidemic of campus rape, the hookup and its gendered dimensions has become an obsession of mainstream media ."It connects through your Facebook so it made me feel a little more secure with the people being real," admitted Her Campus's Meghan Cramer while reviewing the app.While one could encounter a Catfish situation, it's a lot less likely because Tinder also uses this Facebook data to link people up with mutual friends.“Students are less happy and healthy than in previous generations,” writes Wade, and—out tomorrow from W. Norton—is her effort to find out why hookup culture might play a part in that.So much has been written about hooking up and hookup culture in the past decade since it’s been diagnosed as a cultural “problem.” When did you start to become interested in a different, less moralistic way of looking at hooking up?Nothing about these conversations is ever simple, and certainly not morally so. They bring many different ethical perspectives and points of view.

Tinder's founders bragged to us about the number of female users when it launched last October, and though they didn't have fresh numbers, the app has received a lot of vocal approval from women online, including female tech writer Jenna Wortham, who says "there’s something about Tinder’s simple, flirty interface that is undeniably fun." This acceptance might have something to do with the fact that unlike every other hook-up app out there, which were birthed by men, as Ann Friedman notes in So far hook-up apps haven't catered to women because they lack certain protections that the XX-demographic likes when meeting potential sexual partners, argues Friedman: "women want authenticity, privacy, a more controlled environment, and a quick path to a safe, easy offline meeting." Perhaps because of its single female voice, Tinder offers a lot of those things mostly by way of Facebook.It’s an odd way to think about an institution dedicated to occupational training, if you think about.?And how did casual sex, of all things, become synonymous with enjoying one’s higher education?Call for a good time and stay for answers, both sexy and otherwise. Up until now dating apps, not to be confused with online dating websites, have had a male heavy demographic—that is, until Tinder came along.

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It’s easy to be moralistic in the abstract, but students are real people to me.

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