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on Return of Kings – if you haven’t, just scroll down to the comments.Huff Po stumbled upon it, completely missed the satire, and thousands of self-entitled College girls decided that the appropriate response would be to start making death threats.The opposite of Love isn’t Indifference, I guess, it’s Hate.But the comments got me thinking: “Eating Disorders” – are they actually a thing?

Indeed, the new evidence suggests that the study of chimpanzee anatomy and behavior—long used to infer the nature of the earliest human ancestors—is largely irrelevant to understanding our beginnings.

To explain why we’re going to have to delve into the pseudo-science which underlies much of modern Psychology.

Some Psychologists are legitimate scientists, trying to better understand how people function, and applying that knowledge to help them improve.

Four to five months later, when they had become adults and ready for marketing, the sound was played again and the fish returned.

Applied to fish farming, the technique would allow 'trained' fish to be released into the sea, where they would mature naturally until ready for the table.

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